• Cellophane Fairy Wings in under 2 hrs!

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I wanted to bring the character of my book to life for Comic Con. She is a fairy with rather large wings. At first I couldn't find any iridescent cellophane so I tried putting iridescent glitter in between the cellophane sheets to get that look. BAD IDEA! The cellophane wouldn't stick together even with the glue. So I searched all over and finally found iridescent cellophane! You can get it at Party City if anyone has one close by. It worked! They came out beautiful! I made 4 wings using wire hangers for the outside frame and colored aluminum wire for the veins. The fusing took a while. I would just leave the iron over the wing with the towel for about 5+ minutes in each section of the wing. So it took a lot longer than two hours. It worked, but the glue is recommended as the cellophane can unstick with too much movement (I didn't use glue in 1 wing and the cellophane is already separated in a spot). I personally used clear spray glue for glitter and there was no cloudiness. Again thank you for your very specific tutorial! Here are the pics. That's clear iridescent cellophane.

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