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  • MarkD194 commented on dtextor's instructable Sleeping Bag to Quilt Conversion1 year ago
    Sleeping Bag to Quilt Conversion

    So I've been wanting a top quilt but couldn't justify buying one since I usually used my mummy bag as a top quilt very awkwardly. Saw this post yesterday and figured I'd give it a shot sort of.I ended up just cutting the zipper off behind the metal so I wouldn't have to see the length of it. The extra material is OK for me since I'm a bigger guy. I cut the hood off at the height of the flap that was already there. My bag already had a drawstring at the neck area so I didn't have to make a tube. I haven't put the attachment points on yet as I plan to use it in my hammock set up but I might later on just to have it. It was way easier than I thought it would be. Thanks for the inspiration.

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