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    DIY Air Conditioner

    (FWIW having windows open with a powerful fan blowing between them did jack-shiz because the air was too warm and too humid, and I just ended up having to stand directly in front of it to get any benefit. It certainly didn't cool the inside any, because indoors and out had achieved equilibrium... so as soon as you were out of the flow, or the fan was turned off, it was unbearably sweltering again)

    ^ now THIS *is* a valid use for the saltwater idea ... keeping frozen things from thawing out :) ... even if it doesn't exactly reach a four-star "deep freeze" rating (which needs 0'F, not 20~30'F), and so still reduces the safe storage time, it at least means you can use up the stuff in a controlled fashion over a week or two.

    Or just putting bleach in the ice...

    That's still useful, then. If you can stand to stay asleep and ignore the room warming back up, because your senses are dulled due to, well, being asleep, then you don't need the AC to keep running (same as how commercial systems often have a "sleep timer" mode where they only work for an hour or two then turn off for the rest of the night - and so do central heating systems, for that matter). But that slight reduction for the period whilst you're trying to get comfortable and nod off can be crucial.

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  • How to Instantly Tranfer Images Over Wi-Fi

    Or like... Dropbox ... or a plain old Samba LAN file / folder sharing connection if the phone supports it ... or a website that allows photo hosting, especially one that doesn't resize / reencode the original (Imgur, Picasa/Google Photos and Flickr are usually alright for that) ... or just use webmail ... or.......Yknow, anything where a/ sending photos back and forth isn't a totally integral, normal, built in part of the messenger app anyway and most people including my generally techphobic mother managed to figure it out without needing any help, and b/ the file gets transferred without any further degradation (so you're actually transferring the file, rather than sharing a photo). You may as well just upload them to a private album on Facebook after all, otherwise.Heck, Twitpic is likely as good if not better.I mean, thanks for sharing, but ... it does seem a bit like leading the blind to a cinema.

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    Diy Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

    So,what I see here is a simple machine that produces free pets

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