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  • Eco Friendly Metal Detector - Arduino

    Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. Just to ensure I have the correct PDF, This is V5 with channel 1? I can just duplicate etc for the rest of the channels however need a little clarity on the buzzer circuit. option for self driven or external driven buzzer. Please can you send higher resolution diagram to my email. Sorry to be a bother.

    Hi there, awesome project, please can you send a higher resolution of the circuit diagram

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  • MarkS492 commented on ptorelli's instructable Designing with Discrete SPI Flash Memory2 years ago
    Designing with Discrete SPI Flash Memory

    Hi sorry to bother but can someone assist. this is the code of my chip but can seem to program. I get the followingHELLO0 - BytesMy chip detailsMan ID : c2hMem Type : 20hCapacity 14h

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