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  • MarkcoP commented on jessyratfink's instructable roasted turkey thighs12 months ago
    roasted turkey thighs

    on my gaaaaaaaw! i totally never thought of that!! i do my oxtails at 180 deg in my slow cooker.... 12 hours, from frozen, with "my" spices, etc. (!!!) celsius, of course, different!!.... gaaaaaaaw!!!! I'm so embarrassed!.....

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  • MarkcoP commented on jessyratfink's instructable roasted turkey thighs1 year ago
    roasted turkey thighs

    I have copied this and MUST try this out!.... who ever said the Brits have bad food was nuts!!....

    (and I'm a "180 deg. cooker" also!! the best way for alot of things!!....)

    "Don't use a deep cake pan - the thighs won't crisp up as nicely."amazing! I never knew this and will have to try this out!... I can't wait to see if this works!.... i do everything like this in my big turkey roaster... I also pour in stock and cover it for awhile to try to moisten it.... then cook uncovered.... I just guess at the times, but 400 deg. then check it once in awhile....

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