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Jan. 21, 2014
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  • Martin9999 commented on RTegelbeckers's instructable DeltaTrix 3D Printer3 months ago
    DeltaTrix 3D Printer

    An update on Kickstarter two weeks ago from Richard that he should start shipping the Deltatric printers to the backers. The same as he told a year ago without any of the printers being shipped (except for two local pickups). In the last 11 days no printers has been shipped to the backers. Same story as last year.Last year around this time it was a delay already of 1 year behind schedule.But at least in that year improvements where made.Not everything was critically important, for instance you can make 3D prints without transparant doors.Now just take the delay of last year, that is about 25 backers X 1 man-year of printing = a loss of 25 man-years of printing so far.And still no sign of Richard that he started shipping the printers to the backers.

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  • Martin9999 commented on RTegelbeckers's instructable DeltaTrix 3D Printer4 months ago
    DeltaTrix 3D Printer

    A year ago I had asked Richard to send me my printer which was finished enough that I could start printing with it. Two 'test-backers' got a printer and they are making prints for a year now. The rest of the backers have not received any printer yet, and Richard refuses any kind of comunication. What Richard is doing, he is busy with sub-projects on the printer that never end. The last sub project that Richard started on was at the end of last year and that is maybe finished by now. And then he probably thinks of another sub project. And every new sub projectis just another excusefor no sending the printers to the backers. The backers own their own printers as the backers have paid for it. But Richard keeps the printers of the backers in a kind of hostage situation at home and refuses to ship them to the backers. I have asked him a year ago to ship me my printer, and he still refuses to ship me my printer.

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