• MartinG40 commented on Aleator777's instructable Apple II Watch10 months ago
    Apple II Watch

    The best part is the AWESOME floppy disks and drives. They look EXACTLY like the real thing.

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  • MartinG40 commented on Mrballeng's instructable The Only knot you need to know. 10 months ago
    The Only knot you need to know.

    Great knot. I guess everyone has their favourite. The one I have used more often than any other in my nearly 58 years of life is the horse hitch. Supposedly used by cowboys to tie their horses to saloon rails, pulling on one (the horse) end just tightens the knots and won't give, while gently pulling the other end completely unties the knot. Cowboys could mount their horse with the long loose end in hand and release the knot "remotely".I have always used it for mooring small boats for the same reason. It is absolutely slip-proof when tugged from the "boat" end, but you can embark first and release the knot with the loose end once safely aboard. This knot often goes by other names, especially historically, such as the mooring knot (for obvious reasons), or the slippery knot.

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  • Van Turned Dorm Room, Complete With Bed and Desk

    When I was a teen we called these "shaggin' wagons". In those days though the most popular conversion was a panel van.

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  • MartinG40 commented on Mjtrinihobby's instructable Solar powered air conditioning unit. 10 months ago
    Solar powered air conditioning unit.

    @drzcyy - Ummm... no. For any given cooling capacity traditional A/C technology is more efficient. While you do away with the compressor pump when using peltier coolers, you still need a very large fan on the hot side for house-sized cooling (bigger than for a comparable A/C unit), and the peltier slabs themselves are notoriously inefficient. Their greatest advantage in some applications is the ability to be be converted for heating just by reversing the current direction.For instance, those few-inch square peltier blocks you find in portable drink coolers are completely outclassed by the efficiency of compact drinking fountain refrigeration modules.

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