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  • McJono commented on Dimitris Platis's instructable My Physical Web Space2 years ago
    My Physical Web Space

    Wouldn't it be more power efficient to use something like NodeMCU on a esp8266 with external sd card controller?I mean you can set it up by writing to the serial of the esp8266 and then making it serve up web pages from the sd card?

    Ah ok that does make sense. I'm waiting for the esp32, that might be able to run it better. Yeah I was just thinking on the behalf of the least power consumption but the wifi capabilities of the esp8266 is rather slow as a AP server. Ah ok, that makes sense :)No worries. I think I'll try to make one out the the nodemcu + esp8266 just as a test anyway as if you strip the firmware down to bare minimums wifi AP isn't too bad. Will link it when it's done for you :)

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