• How To Make Your Leather Boots Last Forever (Or at least longer than the next guy's)

    Hi guys and gals :) Got myself these new 17" boots today! Love my Bear Hollow Boots, made in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. My old pair of Bear Hollow jumper boots are 8 years old, worn every month in New England. Work & Play!One time my daughter cleaned out my Jeep and stuck my boots in a bucket outside. She forgot they were there for a month, in which time the bucket filled up with rain water and my poor boots started to mold. I thought they were done, but I cleaned them up good and dried them out, soaked in oils overnight, well, several nights. They were never the same again, but...It was almost like it had never happened.I for sure took care of them with Mink Oil & Huberd's Shoe Oil every other month or so. They both soften, waterproof and protect. Looking forward to many years of use out of my new, sexy boots!!Thanks for the tips!

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