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Just tried to get on KI and saw it was down, will it ever be back up?

To answer your question... probably. Just don't know when yet. For one thing once it is back up I'll be switching it out to IPB...vB self destructed post acquisition. Gonna have to restyle and whatnot. It's all there it's just... time.

crestind7 months ago

Beep boop.

oodalumps2 years ago
wout1473 years ago
post your 8 barrel shotgun
you've got an awesome profile picture!:D
DJ Radio5 years ago
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This is my future self talking to my past self. Please shut up and learn to look at both sides of the issue. Well I guess you will do that eventually but still.
lol i just deleted like 50 of my old comments that i foun in random places this week that were so immature and just plain dumb. not to say that im still not immature but..
You may be surprised to here this from me, but same here. I started using this site when I was 16 and now I'm 20. A lot of growing up happened between there.
Well said, haha.
ninjusk5 years ago
hey do you still have the ZKAR v3 that i saw in one of your youtube vid
I saw it being used in Pandemonium 2010, so I guess so.
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Hear that? That's the sound of me saying, "HOE-LEE SH*T!"