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Jan. 2, 2009
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  • MerlinTheGreat commented on dwaynerbear's instructable Mitre Saw Station3 weeks ago
    Mitre Saw Station

    Nice work!I would have added a sloped back to the dustcabin.That plus a slope on the sides would allow to put a dustbag underneath to collect most of the dust. = less work cleaning out the dust :)

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  • MerlinTheGreat commented on sliver paddleboards's instructable 4-Way Panel Clamps9 months ago
    4-Way Panel Clamps

    You could also use long legs with multiple holes in them so you can reposition the screws for shorter or longer lengths of the legs. That way you only need one set of clamp legs which can't get misplaced not to be found when you need them. Yes, it happens... when kids use dad's equipment.

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  • Sliding Puzzle Secret Compartment Table

    A big disadvantage of my solution is that the cover will become rather thick...

    Maybe I'm taking this too far and maybe there are easier or more ingenious ways, but...What you want can be done, but it would require a completely different aproach to the locking system. You would have to use a system with magnets, iron or steel pins, some sort of strings, springs and steel or wooden pins and a batten to create the lock instead of the mag-locks.You'd have to divide one diagonal (all in the same direction of course) of the puzzle blocks into 15 pieces which makes for a very small area so as to have each puzzle piece have a different activating location. This has to be because you want every piece to be in the correct place.The positioning of these activation locations has to be very precise for it to work.Quite challenging I would say.What it boils down to is that when a puzzle piece is in the right position, a magnet pulls up a steel or iron pin in the bottom of the puzzle. The pin is attached to a string which pulls a steel or wooden pin from under a batten on the front side of the top compartment. This pin is pushed back under the batten by the spring if the puzzle piece is moved to another position because the magnet isn't pulling the pin-string-pin system anymore. So with fifteen of these individual pin-string-pin locks, you should be able to pull this off.The pin that goes under the batten should be square and have the bottom side beveled so that when the cover is opened and the puzzle pieces are moved, the pins still can pass the batten to locking position without blocking the closure of the secret compartment.

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  • Wooden Computer Keyboard by Steve M. Potter

    This is a cool looking keyboard.Looks a bit like a Flintstones design, except it isn't rock but wood.My compliments.

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