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Drewzer6677 years ago
didnt your name used to be fender??? Anyway, i got my new guitar (electric) and ur instructions really helped! now if only i knew notes for a song....
Metal4God (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
well thank you. and give me the name of the song and i'll find tabs for it. tabs are what tell you the strings and what frets to play. I'll recomend Smoke on the Water or Iron man as a first song to learn.
Smoke on the water would be great!(i would have replied earlyer, but instructables went screwy!)
Metal4God (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
sure i'll see what i can find....... (5 min. later)

ok i found the intro it's pretty easy
actually t's the easyest songs out there next to iron man!
ultimate guitar rocks!
Thx man! so if i look up a song on that site, ill gte tabs?
Metal4God (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
yes, Also you can look up band names i.e Black Sabbath
Yeah, plus smoke also has a good begginer bass line.
Metal4God (author)  Wasagi7 years ago
ya it's only the 8th fret on the top string,
Not really...
Metal4God (author)  Wasagi7 years ago
ya it is, my band plays it
Whoops, nevermind, but it is a good beginner bass line....
Haaha, Jesus does rock! Nice Picture!
yes He does!
Metal4God (author)  TeacherOfTheWays7 years ago
oh your christian? cool! and yes sure he does! but this is better!!!!!!!!!!