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Jan. 22, 2016
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  • ArduFarmBot - Part 2: "Remote Station" an IoT Implementation

    I am ok now. I redid my connections and it is working. I can send to IOT. Thanks.

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  • ArduFarmBot - Part 2: "Remote Station" an IoT Implementation

    Hi this is a great tutorial. I am new at this. I have been able to connect to the ESP8266 and the basic commands work. When I try to send to ThingSpeak I get an error. I have added a few debugging comments... Could you please help me whit this. ============================================done get fan data21.97In main loop Done get set data field about to send data== In startThingSpeakCmd ====Thinkspeak Comm Started== In update data thing speak ====== In sendThingSpeakCmd ====CMD: GET /update?key=2O325YNC6NMHRUOQ&field1=21.97&field2=21.97&field3=21.97&field4=21.97&field5=21.97&field6=21.97ESP8266 CIPSEND ERROR: RESENDINGError Code: 1Error Code: 1 **** ESP8266 Data Send ERROR ***=====================================================================

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