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  • MichaelB192 commented on innerbubba's instructable 60-minute bookcase6 months ago
    60-minute bookcase

    Pre-drill holes and use long screws, or dowel rods and wood glue.You could also leave one side a full length board if turning it horizontally. This changes the look of the design, but it also adds extra shelving in the open areas, as well as increasing the strength.Just an idea.. I'm sure there are far better methods I haven't thought of.

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  • MichaelB192 commented on osdoyi's instructable Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine7 months ago
    Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine

    We can call it cheating if you want. Morally, I find this less offensive considering you can't rack up distance unless you have the game open, yet the game will consume "timed" items without the game open. Many timed items cost real dollars.Considering there is no actual prize playing the game, other than having fun with friends, this form of "cheating doesn't bother me as much as the game cheating users out of real cash.

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