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  • MichaelH60 commented on thermosinthesis's instructable How to: Long Range FPV Quadcopter9 months ago
    How to: Long Range FPV Quadcopter

    John, an ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller, a small, normally shrink-wrapped circuit board that plugs into an output channel on the receiver and controls the speed of your drive motor.

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  • Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!

    It must be pretty good!! I've been licensed since 1983. My first license as a "novice" was in 1965, but the code requirement to up-grade back in the day, was not do-able for me. In the years since 1983 I was able to raise my code speed, but fortunately the FCC discontinued the code requirements, and I now hold a "general" class ticket. I am proud to be able to use Morse code even though it's no longer required. Ham radio is awesome. The people in it are top-notch. I wish you luck. KA0HSS----73

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