• MichaelR258 commented on grumpyrich's instructable Off-Grid Tealight Slow Cooker8 months ago
    Off-Grid Tealight Slow Cooker

    c * 18/10 +32?Never thought of it that way before, I was taught c * 9/5 +32

    Just seen this & was about to say "haybox". It's how I've always made a stew.

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  • MichaelR258 commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Perpetual Calendar9 months ago
    Perpetual Calendar

    Babylonians got there first & the Jews were captives in Babylon (not had a lot of luck throughout history really?). How about Moon day, Tiu's day, Woden's day, Thor's day, Freya's day, Saturn's day, and Sun's day as alternatives to the norm and as homage to the origins of the names of the days?Then there's the months - Janus, Februa, Mars, April, Maia, Juno, Julius, Augustus, and the rest are 7, 8, 9 and 10 respectively.As another alternative, if this work is for a child, maybe use things that are important to them days of the week when their favourite television programmes are on or when something special happens. months might be represented by family birthdays, holidays etc (Easter, Fireworks, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc etc.) - and use pictures rather than words?As an extra thought, halfway through the week & year, the beams needs to balance (a visual representation of halfway). As the months progress, the end of the beam pointing down could point to darker evenings as the days grow shorter & vice-versa as the days lengthenThe possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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  • MichaelR258 commented on bfk's instructable An Elevator For My 10'x12' Storage Shed9 months ago
    An Elevator For My 10'x12' Storage Shed

    Have you looked online at a bicycle hoist? (there are similar arrangements for clothes airers as well). Single length of rope, 3 pulley wheels & a cleat.One end of the rope goes over the pulley & straight down to one side of the item. Other end of rope goes up & over 2nd pulley (next to 1st pulley) then across to 3rd pulley and down to other side of item. Maybe knot the rope before the double/dual pulley to keep everything level. If the bed is to hang on chains, maybe have the chains as an addition so it's not hanging on the rope/pulley?

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