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Tom Buckey3 years ago
What Lowney said ;)

what made you?
Michaelgoode (author)  Tom Buckey3 years ago
Cos your awesome people :)
Hey can you please vote for my instructable!
Hey! smileys must have a nose!!! A kind of war has broken out, between smileys with and smileys without noses.
Sorunome RNB3 years ago
And the smileys without noses Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
RNB Sorunome3 years ago
No, they lost.
Sorunome RNB3 years ago
The ones with noses belong to the dark side, so they lost! :P
Michaelgoode (author)  RNB3 years ago
Lolz i no, but that was before the war ;-)
Hitchtopher3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing.
Michaelgoode (author)  Hitchtopher3 years ago
No problem :D
TSC3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing!
Thanks for subscribing!
Lowney3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! Was it for anything in particular?
slithien3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing :)
Michaelgoode (author)  slithien3 years ago
No problem :P haha

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