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  • Pocket Knife Maintenance: Cleaning and Lubricating

    BrettC24,Thought you might enjoy my post (above) on the old adage. Many years ago, when I was quite young, sayings like, "A dull knife, is a dangerous knife" were actually very good wisdom because men used their knives routinely. Even the laziest of men usually sharpened their knives with some regularity because they were carried daily and considered a necessity. If you had a conversation with a gentleman, whether you knew him previously or not, you were wise to notice how he handled his knife, dullness could mean he knew how to use a knife better than you, and back in those days, that was information that fell into the need to know category!

    Fun fact: The old adage about a dull knife being a dangerous knife has nothing to do with the potential effects of a sharp blade itself. The fact that a blade is dull is a sign that the knife is likely used regularly by the carrier. Therefore, whether the knife is dull, or still in need of it's routine sharpening, you might be wise to show deference to the skillful carrier!! ;) <3 knives #girlswithstiletos

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