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Mike Cortes (author) 9 years ago
Mike Cortes (author)  Antony9 years ago
you will see in a couple of weeks. i might even post a few pics.
where are you going to find a fast enough motor?
Mike Cortes (author)  Antony9 years ago
you, did say lier, and its not for killing. so i dont need a motor which turns the chain at 200mph.
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so are you going to post it?
i mde a working weed wacker out of an erector set(sounds wrong, I know) should i post? and also im gonna try to make a full auto airsoft outta erector set.
Mike Cortes (author)  nerfer1928 years ago
what is an erector?
youve never heard of it? its metal bars and motors and gears and nuts and bolts and they all fit together and make cool contraptions.
My cousin has an erector set and I'm going to ask him if I can use his motor to mod to be used in knex building...so it can be for killing after all...:)
lol thats quite kl it actually looks like a chainsaw
Mike Cortes (author)  Antony9 years ago
well in the post later on. i have said in other comments that im getting 1400 pieces but actually im getting 2400 pieces, lol .
mike you now the pump action rifle by hack where are the rest of the insruction
Mike Cortes (author)  gunner9 years ago
where u from, cos ur not american, me neither, im english?