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  • MikeS313 commented on gdhenson's instructable Transom fabrication1 year ago
    Transom fabrication

    Well done Sir!!

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  • MikeS313 commented on audreyobscura's instructable Repairing Fiberglass1 year ago
    Repairing Fiberglass

    Hi there,as to applying gelcoat smoothly. Depending on the size of your repair,first give the area a light sanding then you can mix however much gelcoat you need,what I do is use the two inch celotape packing tape. I put the gelcoat over the spot then apply the tape,it smooths out the gelcoat and puts it in right where you want it.Let it cure 24 Hours just to be sure then take the tape off. There might be a little more sanding but not near as much as if you SMUUUDGED it all over! lol

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