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  • MikeT136 commented on Sardau's instructable Build a 30$ laser Scanner2 years ago
    Build a 30$ laser Scanner

    Hello, I finished building this a few weeks ago, loaded the firmware and my table motor wasn't working. I tried changing the half-step and revolution-step values and it still wasn't working. The stepper motor controller board didn't seem to be powering, I fried the Arduino board as well messing with it. I have a new Arduino and stepper controller but when I tried to compile in the Arduino program I get the error "C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Arduino\Scanner\FirmWare.ino:1:27: fatal error: SerialCommand.h: No such file or directory"Anyone know why I'm getting this error now? I tried downloading the sardauscan software again and starting fresh and still get this error.-Mike

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