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Lots of time outdoors, snowshoes, skis, canoes, saddleback, backpack and floatplane. Crossed all Canadian continental divides afoot, horseback or under a canoe. Former working cowboy and professional hunter, now family man and provider.

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  • Cheap and Easy Vintage Style Weatherproofed Gear

    I've used something similar that gets into the fabric better/easier/faster. An old cowboying trick for saddles and rawhide. Using an electric plate, in very good cross ventilation, caerfully boil white gas or naptha. Once it is getting hot, put shaves of beeswax into it and stir. Once it all melted, paint on the fabric. If leather or heavy fabric, I do it on a hot day, lay the fabric out till warm in the sun and paint. When the mix is as deep or the fabric as saturated as you want, stop and habg the garment outside ubtil the white gas evaporated. I find this onerous but the results are spectacular.

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