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April 27, 2016
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  • Mikeymc73 commented on Brother156's instructable How to get drive C:\ on a school comp6 months ago
    How to get drive C:\ on a school comp

    I know I am a little late, but I have a solution to your problem. If you do not have Google Chrome, look it up on your computer (only because that is where I tested it) and download the browser. After you do so, skip the login prompt and open a new tab. In the omnibox (search bar), input the following: "file:///C:\". If that does not work, just use a regular slash. That's all.FYI: With this method, you have unrestricted read privileges to EVERY SINGLE DIRECTORY (for me at least because there is a chance that the sysadmin was either lazy setting permissions or just didn't see this ever happening). With this method, you can see all the files, including the registry, but you cannot write to them.WARNING: I almost got in trouble with my school because I found extremely sensitive data in the N:\ directory (which stands for network) while looking for resources pertaining to a school assignment. So please DO NOT use this to exploit your school or to find any sensitive info. If this is a school that you are dealing with, do not try to access files that are not yours, you can get in serious trouble (I was lucky because of the fact I was using this for my work), both in school and possibly legally depending upon what happens. If this is just parental controls, there isn't much to worry about if you access their files (depending on what the parents think).PS: I did this by accident and I confronted the school I went to, and I had to speak to the sysadmin, who also called in the superintendent, because none of the staff there knew how I did it (or even the fact that this method existed, not sure about this guess though).NOTICE: BY USING THIS METHOD, YOU INDEMNIFY AND HOLD ME HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS IN REGARDS TO THIS HERE SOLUTION. THE METHOD ITSELF IS NOT ILLEGAL, BUT SOME USES OF IT CAN BE AS MENTIONED ABOVE SUCH AS WHAT I DID ACCIDENTALLY.

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