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Millawi Legend (author) 4 years ago

One of the best songs EVER written. Its amazing.

Oblivitus3 years ago
I actually don't like motorhead. But Lemmy seems pretty cool.
~KGB~4 years ago
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John Copper4 years ago
BURN tastes way better ...

just kidding, like your guns!
Millawi Legend (author)  John Copper4 years ago
Lolwut? Anyway, thanks.
MegaMetal84 years ago
Thanks for subbing
Thanks for the sub
Lowney4 years ago
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mahmel4 years ago
Millawi Legend (author)  mahmel4 years ago
For what?
Uhm... i think you posted a comment on one of my ibles

I think (?)
Millawi Legend (author)  mahmel4 years ago
P^trick4 years ago Like it ^^?