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May 31, 2016
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  • MinhTran commented on brustowc's instructable Vietnamese Coffee4 months ago
    Vietnamese Coffee

    Great instructions and I'm glad to see people getting educated on Vietnamese coffee.I think I have something to offer your readers to help them out with the best Vietnamese beans to get to go along with your write up.As a Vietnamese person who lives for coffee it drove meabsolutely crazy that I couldn’t get Vietnamese coffee beans in the States. Most brands from Vietnam are sold as groundcoffee, often with filler and I much prefer whole beans for quality andfreshness.I started bringing Vietnamese coffee beans to the US atfirst for my own consumption before all my friends and family wanted to drinkwhat I’m drinking as well. The nextthing that I know, we launched a business called ChestBrew, where we harvestand roast the best Vietnamese coffee beans and distribute it them onAmazon. Leveraging off of Amazon’samazing distribution network, our fans are able to get coffee to their door forless than what it used to cost me to send a bag to my friends. Due to the demand, we’re often sold out, soif you don’t get a bag right away, I ask for your patience, the coffee is sogood it’s worth it. These beans along with these instructions are a good way to go for the best Vietnamese Iced Coffee.http://www.chestbrew.com/

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