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  • Minyah commented on Rob Patterson's instructable How I use the Sun to Cool my House.5 months ago
    How I use the Sun to Cool my House.

    Nice project... I've been trying to do a 12v system for my little cabin in Angledool. It's good to see what others have done. I couldnt find an old cooler so I am modifying a bar fridge as the 'box' cutting in vents and using it on its back so that the door 'lid' seals the system and a couple of computer fans push air into the cabin with water reservoir being the inside of the fridge. I would have preferred to have an old evap cooler though.Thanks for the ideas

    Rob can you tell me where to get a radiator fan using 7 watts or less as most I've looked at are high amps. My system at this time is very small too.

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  • Make Sliding Barn Doors Using Skateboard Wheels

    You sure do a good clean job mate... I do admire your barn. Thanks for the idea

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