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vicvelcro4 years ago
Wow! You do some really cool things. +Follow
Great instructables! Casting is a skill i want to learn soon, Thanks for the info.
Miss Cabbit (author)  desertsniper4 years ago
Thank you so much! :) Are you interested in metal casting or resin? Are you in the bay area? Come play with me at TechShop in Menlo Park?
Both actually! although I have more intrest in resin casting at the moment. I'm about 8 hours outside of the bay area (south of LA). I might have to make a weekend trip up that way one of these days!
Miss Cabbit (author)  desertsniper4 years ago
Although these processes can be done anywhere with the right supplies, TechShop allows you to improve them with the right equipment. I started resin casting by myself at home and learned through trial and error. Get some supplies at Tap plastics and play with them and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
good to know, thanks for the help. and be expecting to hear from me!