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Jan. 12, 2016
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  • Mitch2016 commented on sparten11's instructable Power your home and workshop with steam9 months ago
    Power your home and workshop with steam

    Hello my names Michael I'm a retired commercial HVAC tech with my associates degree when I was 19 years old,I want to say that what you have put together is great and that you have put it up for any DIY person most will not even attempt it, but it is fantastic that you are trying to give people a chance, I'm trying to put a small system together I that I can produce 10 kW per hr during the day by a solar array. I'm so tired of the utility co, socking it to us and believe every one should try their best to get off the grid and be self producing. The largest problem I can see for my self is your designs of you turbo expansion engine. You must have a lot of machinist experience, this is the part I'm not good at. How can I get the specs to get a machinist to make it for myself or can we buy it from you that you have made and just how much will it set us back the other items are very straight forward except for the rotary steam expansion engine part of it. How can I get one I will be happy to sign papers that it's your invention and I'm only able to use it for my own personal use. But I want to say thank you very very much on letting all of us in on it the only way this country is going to get energy efficient is by people like your self that share what they know with each other keeping the greedy people out of the loop I would be very honored to here from you and learn from you and when I get mine up and running post it live on you tube so all can make one and get off the grid my name is Michael and you can reach me at Michael190t@hotmail.com it's truly an honor to meet people of you caliber trying to help peopleThank you for you time Sincerely Michael Wilson

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