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  • MitchL7 commented on ThomasJ1's instructable Grow Your Own Giant Sequoia Tree1 year ago
    Grow Your Own Giant Sequoia Tree

    Hi Thomas,I was wondering if you could offer me any advice. I followed all your steps and had 22 seeds germinate. They started off great, but all slowly started dying off. Some died because it seemed they couldn't shed their envelope. Others had shed it and just curled up and died later. I started watering them less and they are in a shady spot where they get indirect sunlight just about all day. I am now down to 5 seedlings. Three still with their envelops, they are all about a month old, and none of mine have had leafs yet. I just put 200 more seeds in the fridge so hopefully I can have more success with my second batch! Thank you for any help!

    Thank you! I definately wasnt planting them deep enough and I'll try the other tips as well and see how it goes!

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