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July 28, 2009
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  • Mogger commented on Chris Project's instructable DC Motor Speed Controller2 months ago
    DC Motor Speed Controller

    I use a LM 555 to drive the powerful N channel MOSFET IRF 540 N. (12-14 VDC supply, Motor 12 V 5.5 Amps- 60 WATTS). The circuit above is the simplest one for small DC motors- but with big 5 Amp Motors some more circuitry is necessary. Also, a fast diode over the Motor should protect the Mosfet from inductive back-strokes. If in the 555 driver circuit (Internet) the poti works in reverse- switch the end terminals where the diodes are located. Also good to experiment with LIN or LOG potis. In the other circuits, the Source of the N channel Mosfet goes to negative (Ground), the Drain goes to Motor Negative and the Positive Motor terminal goes to the + rail. Bridge in this case the Motor with a (fast) diode from Drain to the + rail. If you make a PCB, take care if your motor draws 50- 60 Watts that the copper lines are broad enough to handle the currents.

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  • Mogger commented on KronBjorn's instructable SaturnV Vacuum Rocket Launcher 2 months ago
    SaturnV Vacuum Rocket Launcher

    I made for my son an air pressure- water rocket from a soft drink bottle which is cheaper to make ( you need only a bicycle tire pump). It came back to earth parachuting. Ok, it does go up about 50- 80 m- not so high as the VAC rocket. But also a lot of fun!!

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