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  • Molly35 commented on Christian Knuell's instructable Knife Block8 months ago
    Knife Block

    How about a version if you dont have cnc? Last time i looked i have a 8 inch joiner, 20 in planer, about $2000 worth of phiel carving chisels. More power tools then home depot. Cnc, great tool if your doing production. Or for someone who likes to set up a program that does the work. Helloooo, a five year old could do that....

    Lol, sorry i forgot. Who's the guy saying their could be liabilities because the knifes are exposed? Sounds like a form of PC. Its called common sense, oye!

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  • Molly35 commented on zaphodd42's instructable Make PVC Look Like Wood11 months ago
    Make PVC Look Like Wood

    What a cool way for me to update my dust collector system which is 80% PVC. Hey its a woodworking shop, why not right?

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