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duck-lemon7 years ago
Omg i thought that your username was just a reference to your outdoorsy-ness or something... Then i realised what song i was listening to! You sly dawg, you're bit really a sly "dawg" but i'm just ashamed for not realising it earlier. The white album disc 2 right? I am right though i know it i was just (trying to) be witty.
Mother Natures Son (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
That's right. It should be 'Mother Nature's Son' but the site doesn't like apostrophes. Good song, and the perfect double-meaning.
Are you a Beatles fan too?
Mother Natures Son (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
Anyone who says they aren't is probably lying.
That's probably one of the best tings anyone has ever said.

The Beatles rule
Yeah but i mean do you think you have an understanding of the beatles and their music?
Mother Natures Son (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
I wouldn't presume to understand all of it, especially some of the more...surreal ones, but I think one of the great things about the Beatles is that their lyrics are usually fairly accessible. You don't have to decipher them to understand the meaning.
qwerty297 years ago
how much did that lethermen cost in the urbin survivel guide
Mother Natures Son (author)  qwerty297 years ago
More than I'd like--around forty hard-earned American Dollars. If you're not willing to pay just over $9 an ounce--almost the price of sterling silver--for your knife, the Gerber 01471 is also a good alternative. It's more robust than the Leatherman Juice, though heavier, and has the same weapon set plus a serrated blade and a saw. Not only that, but the blades all lock and the pliers are spring-loaded, all for the low, low price of around thirty bucks, or $2.65 an ounce. With the Juice, it's the metal that's not there that's expensive. (Good question. I think I'll make a note of it in the guide)