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  • Breathe New Life into an Old Computer

    After 7 years i'm still using my pc and i can say it runs quite well for its age.At firstit had windows XP and 1GB of RAM,and integrated GPU. After some years it was running terribly slow.After upgrading the RAM,adding 2 more GB,and installing windows 7,it really started flying. And after upgrading my GPU with a cheap but better one(ati radeon hd5450,bought new for 40€) i can run a 1080P display and can run some old games too(GTA sa is an example,NFS undercover is another one) at good details and high resolution.I still believe that these old machines can be very useful if you don't have to use heavy programs. For a daily usage(web browsing-writing documents) anold machone,with low expense,can still run quite good.

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