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evi10ne3 years ago
Thanks a lot for my first Patch ever!!!
Mr. Rig It (author)  evi10ne3 years ago
You are very welcome! Hey do you have the specs for the parts of the
"Arcadem Cardboredem "HOOPZ" -Mini Basketball Arcade Coinban" you can send me? I teacher CAD and Engineering and I think this would be a great project for my students to make.


ElvenChild5 years ago
Um…you have a 4 year B.S degree? Anyone else see whats wrong with that.
Hi could you stop and check out my new instructable?? thank you Jim
Wow! What a fun and interesting neighbour you must be. BTW thanks for the doggy fence instructable
Cadaoryn8 years ago
Great constructive criticism and feedback on other instructables, and great instructables!
Mr. Rig It (author)  Cadaoryn8 years ago
Thank you very much! I appreciate the recognition.