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  • MrBildo commented on Karlstrom's instructable Build Your Own Microcontroller1 month ago
    Build Your Own Microcontroller

    I think this is a really good tutorial on setting up a circuit that uses a microcontroller outside of a dev board. This is something I encourage people to do often, instead of incorporating their dev board in the end product. However, I must agree with others in pointing out that the title is incorrect and misleading. This is not about creating a microcontroller, it's about using a microcontroller outside of a dev board. I really wish the author would clarify this, because I think this is a good instructable.

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  • Build your own Variable Lab Bench Power Supply

    Really fun and useful build. Works great! One addition I made was adding an output switch in addition to the main power switch. I like being able to turn the unit on, hook up my leads, dial in the voltage and then switch on and off power to my circuit.

    I get that kind of behavior if the current limiter is set too low. Maybe it's something with that?

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