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  • 10 Tips and Tricks for Laser Engraving and Cutting

    I recently bought a cheap laser engraver to burn images into wood. It didn't come with software, but when I contacted the seller, he provided me with "Lite Fire Laser" which is supposed to work in companion with "Inkscape". I'm very new to any of this, and I am have issues getting my laser to actually burn anything??? When I go through the steps, I create my image through Inkscape but when Lite Fire Laser tries to read it, It always comes back with the error, "File is Empty".So, My questions to you are, 1) What am I doing wrong with the current programs I am currently using?and 2) Is there a more suitable program That I can use? p.s. There is no manufacturers mark on the laser engraver that I have.Thank you for any feedback you may may offer.

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