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erniehatt2 years ago
Not sure if this is still open, for discussion.
One thing I would like to know, when the piston is retracted, what gap should there be between the piston and barrel, I am thinking about 8mm, is that enough.
Mattrox5 years ago
Hi Just want to know what you think of my new instructable
Here's the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Long-Distance-Bullets/
hollowpoint6 years ago
back again, after hours of mowing my dads lawn i obtained enough money to start building my pneumatic cannon. i decided to make a 3in. (75mm <- did i convert those units correctly?) porting piston valve cannon, the piston housing is a 4in (100mm) tee. the piston is a 3in (75mm) coupling with a metal plate with neoprene rubber on the end ( the 3in coupling fits very snugly inside of 4in PVC pipe) the pressure chamber is 4in (100mm) pvc pipe (i havent decided on the length yet) with the top portion of the tee / the end that leads to the barrel i put a 3in(75mm) clean-out adapter so that i could change barrel sizes with ease by having the barrels fitted with a threaded male adapter ( i also applied the same concept to the pressure chamber) even if its still a work in progress how wold you rate this cannon?
please tell me where i can get pvc
MrCrowley (author)  Hades di Angelo6 years ago
plumbing store/hardware store. do some research
Mattrox6 years ago
Hiya again I was thinking of running the main chamber at 200PSI and Having a 5 Shot magazine added to the bolt action.  On a scale of 1-10 how would rate this airgun With the main valve a ball valve and it running on 200 PSI? 
MrCrowley (author)  Mattrox6 years ago
PVC wont handle 200PSI safely, even if the rating is 260PSI. I'd only trust 15mm PVC and 200PSI.

Give me more details:

Chamber size and diameter
Barrel size and diameter
Ball valve size
Material of cannon - pvc or metal

I don't think you understand how unnecessarily big this cannon will be for the performance you'll get. Don't expect any 400m shots with golf balls, you'd be lucky if you got 250m.
Mattrox6 years ago
It ain't pneumatic but it's still Awesome. <a href="http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/cannon-4-cobra-striker-t19146.html">http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/cannon-4-cobra-striker-t19146.html</a>
MrCrowley (author)  Mattrox6 years ago
yeah I was one of the moderators who judged that contest
qballcat7 years ago
can i ask you..Mr. crowley..WHAT went on in your head?
cheeseboy7 years ago
hey are you Mr. Crowley from spudfiles!
MrCrowley (author)  cheeseboy7 years ago
Yes I am! Cool huh?
hell yeah!
Mattrox8 years ago
Thanx for joinig my group crowely
assasin8 years ago
:O Mr. crowley! It's Zen/// from spudfiles.