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  • MrFixit1954 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Simple Fire Piston8 months ago
    Simple Fire Piston

    I feel sad when I think about the poor unindigenous tribes who don't know about using this method for starting fires, but I bet you they are never suspected or accused of arson... seriously though, diesel engines need a glow plug to initate combustion, but as you said once ignition is achieved the continuous process is strictly from compression of the fuel and air mix. Sorry, couldn't resist the humor...

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  • MrFixit1954 commented on Vyger's instructable Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop11 months ago
    Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop

    While not as involved as this project, I turned a spare bedroom in my home into a small workshop. Most of the work on mine was demolition - removing old carpet, redoing the floor with cement board and covering it with cheap laminate, installing shelving and a workbench, a shop light, and a couple of old reuse cabinets. Even that was not inexpensive, but it was actually fun to convert that room for practical use. I can imagine doing a project the size of yours must have been a lot of hard work and a considerable expense. But look at all the use you can get out of something another person was throwing away! Great instructable!

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  • Rare Earth Magnets From Old Hard Drives

    It's a nonsense song from a Leave It To Beaver episode - sung by Gus the fireman when Beaver was hanging around the fire station...I just felt it was as constructive as the russian comment I was replying to and couldn't make sense of because I can't read russian.

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  • MrFixit1954 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable DIY bench dogs1 year ago
    DIY bench dogs

    I've made bench "fence stops" by assembling two dowels spaced the same as the dog holes in my bench top in a 1x2 oak bar about 12 inches long. You just drop these into the bench holes and you have another set of vise jaws with huge capacity. Need to clamp onto a circular work piece? make two 1x10x12 inch V blocks by cutting a 45 degree angle wedge out of the board, and put them on the bench between the fences and use the vise to clamp your round, oval, or other polygonal shaped stock.

    Thanks!As the Brits say, I've been bodging up tools for years, and I'm not afraid to appropriate the good ideas of others... and pass along some of my own in the process. Not having bags of money laying around but needing to get things done is a necessity that mothers many inventions. DISCLAIMER: Frank Zappa had nothing whatsoever to do with the preceeding passage.

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  • MrFixit1954 commented on elco_chan's instructable Paracord Wrap Bottle1 year ago
    Paracord Wrap Bottle

    Reminds me of the cheeses you see hanging in some delicatessens.

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  • Rare Earth Magnets From Old Hard Drives

    And the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga...

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