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happyjo5 years ago
Love the nerd glasses! :D
Hiyadudez6 years ago

Thanks for subscribing!
maliyah7 years ago
oh hey dude!!! ua welcome. and ua only 13 far owt!!!! u do gotta lot of skills for ua age... im 13 too and only have 2 skills that i like... picking locks (its a good puzzle)and hotwiring cars(hurts when u 4get about live wires... ouch) and is cool since we own alot of them.but yeah. do u live in america??? if u do wots it like???
MrMystery96 (author)  maliyah7 years ago
Hey, I think it's cool that you enjoy lock picking too. I really love having that kind of challenge. And yes, I do live in America. Kentucky to be specific. It's not all that bad but I'm really starting to think that Obama is making bad decisions.
maliyah7 years ago
hey just ogt ua email. sowi i dont know how to print guitar tabs. and that gun ua working on sounds really awesome u sound like u aquire alot ov skillz. and man u must be brainy if u can hack a computer. i can bearly oper8 1. um u dont have to answa dis but how old are u??? just wana know coz however old u are u have alot of talent by the soundz of it:)
maliyah7 years ago
hey i was reading ua comments. i just wanted to ask can u hack computers??? and do you know how to put guns together?? if you can thats impressive. what else can u do??