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MrRadicalEd (author) 5 years ago
The handle and mag release switch is completed. I am currently installing the firing pin and guide. I'd love to have a folding collapsible stock, but it is not possible on these kinds of Knex guns, but I might try and fit something on there.

The main goal is to have accessories for the AKR as opposed to my very basic Skunk Rifle.
MrRadicalEd (author) 5 years ago
I don't think I have been using the orangeboard as much as I could. This is where I will throw down some quick comments.

on with the AKR, I am obsessed with designing a Knex gun that would mimic a real steal firearm. You have so many limitations with Knex, but you have so many instant possibilities due to the modularity of these pieces.

So far, the AKR concept is very very promising. This is all based on an older design that I knew was sound; I just wanted to rework. I never released this older design because the magazine caused jams because of the blue rods locking in to each other. I believe I have come to a compromise to reduce these common jams, so I will go forward with the AKR.

Turret/revolver based knex guns are so popular because you don't have jams and you keep the power; however, there is this "cool" factor associated with a mag fed gun. Look at the Z35; there is something cool about slapping in a magazine made of knex in to a gun that fires knex pieces.. when everything works right... it's all thanks to good planning and design..
MrRadicalEd (author) 5 years ago
I have resurrected my original magazine fed knex gun. It is referred to as the AKR. The mag well in my opinion is the best seen here on Instructables. More to come.
MrRadicalEd (author) 6 years ago
I am Currently working on a new K'nex gun. This new K'nex model will have instructions posted here, and will show many refinements and improvements never seen before on Instructables.com. Team FG (Françoise and Gesell) will be presenting this summer.
MrRadicalEd (author) 8 years ago
Ever since the "big freeze" here in Oklahoma I had been making my own efforts at a "knex gun". I am pretty happy with rubber band guns, but its something about firing a real projectile that just appeals to me. After many many designs off the tried and true block & ram design(and even one very successful 65ft compact gun) I have reached a completely new design that will hopefully stir some excitement. More to come later!
eggman9 years ago
could you send me a few more pics of tha barrel you have on that thing, i can make one good enough to hold 8 bands. my emails eggman7@gmail.com
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables! Let me know if you have any questions.