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  • MuhammadW44 commented on jsvester's instructable Simple Arduino and HC-SR04 Example6 months ago
    Simple Arduino and HC-SR04 Example

    Thanks for answering the questions, @gtricho. I had the same question as @MohammedE74. If the duration is given in milliseconds then the speed of sound would also have to be expressed in milliseconds. Using dimensional analysis, this can be done by dividing the speed of sound by 1000 milliseconds. The result is 0.343 m/ms. 1 divided by 0.343 is 2.91, whereas 1 divided 29.1 equals 0.0344.speed of sound = 343 meters per second (343 m/s)343 m/s * (1 second/1000 milliseconds) = 0.343 meters per millisecond

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