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  • How to get a girl: A guide for geeks like myself.

    I a glad that you made this. I am very confident that it helped many people out there. I agree with your advice, and it is accurate as well as simple to remember.Personally, my struggle is that I unintentionally have many different versions of me. I don't know which me to be. I have a me for one friend, a me for another, a me around my family, a me around my teachers, a me around my dog, etc. I even have different mes around just me. I don't have multiple personality disorder, but I feel I come pretty close. I thankfully don't have the memories being specific to a personality thing.One last thing, It doesn't matter if you can be immature at times, that just makes you more interesting.Sorry for the long comment, I just have lots of different things I wanted to say.

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