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  • Myke949 commented on tim_n's instructable Ornamental paving slabs2 years ago
    Ornamental paving slabs

    Very nice idea! I have don some cement work over the yearsand an idea you may use to make a stronger edge or a thicker block is: dig ahole in the shape of the leaf but a few inches larger all around, about 3inches deep or however thick you want it to be. Using strips of plastic(garbage bags etc..) surround the edge of the leaf and pack sand/rocks/bits ofwood to support the plastic. You'll be able to make an irregular shaped wallaround the entire leaf hence allowing the concrete to make a straight up edge.I have use this method a few times instead of cutting wood for framing and it allowsfor irregular shapes to be molded. I can't wait to try this next summer. Thanksfor your instuctable.

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