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  • MykeP1 commented on person555's instructable Charge Your Phone With a Candle!2 years ago
    Charge Your Phone With a Candle!

    Essentially this is mixing a car phone charger with the thermoelectric effect.It does work yes, but to the people saying use it on's actually very inefficient compared to using an alternator. It might do okay as a post-stage in a catalytic converter.....You can also cool objects to crazy temperatures using this too (before electrical resistance gets too high and must be taken into account). It's a cute idea but certainly not a radical invention. A turbocharger is a much more "efficiency" option to get more out of your car.Look up the flame that is something else.

    Incredibly inefficient process and metals kinda have to be pure not super strong heat resistant alloys. It only works here since there's so so so much waste heat, but probably about 1-2% is actually turned into power here.

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