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Sept. 4, 2016
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  • How to Choose an Inverter for a Solar Power System

    Please consider Radio Frequency Interference, (RFI) as part of your Solar construction project, or solar purchase. Solar has a reputation for generating copious amounts of RFI. You could find yourself having to replace your system if it does not meet FCC Part 15 and/or Part 18 compliance limits, and it causes interference to a licensed station, TV radio, Amateur Radio, Police, Fire, etc.Ask the vendor of the solar system you purchase if that system meets Part 15, and/or Part 18 compliance limits as set forth by the Federal Communications Commission. As the operator of a system, YOU are responsible, not the vendor or manufacturer, for correction of ALL RFI issues. That means you might have to shut down, or fix at your expense. Please make RFI awareness part of your solar purchse, or build.

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