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  • NabeelLass commented on johndavid400's instructable Core3duino1 year ago

    Hello, Thank you for presenting this work.I wonder to know if possible using Core2duino as a dual core microcontroller or not?I need to use MC1 (master) for recieving data from Bluetooth and save it in a buffer then reading that data from the buffer using MC2 (slave) for operating 2D matrix LED.what do you think? can we use it?In this case I can have two buffers, while I am writting in buff1 by using MC1. Reading from buff2 by using MC2 and so on.

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  • How to test RF transmitter and receiver before programming

    Hello, The uLED should be on when connect data in the Tx with +5V.I just tested again and it is okay.

    Hello,The uLED should be on when you connect data pin in the Tx with +5V.I just tested again and it is okay.

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