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  • Sprout Seeds Overnight...with Scarification!

    There is a world of difference between hybrid plants and GMO plants. Hybrids have been produced by nature for gazillions of years!!! and humans learned how to imitate the process so that we could play around with creating seedless watermelons, for example. GMOs have genes from completely other species injected into the genetic code of the plant. Furthermore, these added genes are sometimes only to allow the plant to be resistant to herbicides or insecticides, so that more herbicides and insecticides can be poured onto the soil, yet these GMO crops will survive. Please look into this deeply, it's a real crisis that we are using dozens of times more herbicides than only a decade ago.

    The not-too-harmful electric fence trick: Dabs of peanut butter on a portable electric fence. Bear and deer and other creatures will be attracted to the peanut butter, then repelled by the electric shock, and will mostly leave your garden alone, but I've also heard that you need to move the wire or "retrain" the creatures every year or even a couple of times in a season.

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