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  • Samsung CLP-365w Laser Printer DIY Imaging Drum Unit reset

    you said you removed the new 56ohm resistor after you put it in. . . so did you have to put it back in every time you used the printer? or was it a one time "reset" that allowed the printer to continue afterward?We got a 47ohm because our Radio Shack didn't have 56ohm. . . but they DID have 67ohm. The 47ohm didn't work, so we may try the 67 ohm. (I have the Samsung CLP-365W, and it was printing fine, but now it won't, since the red light came on :( and gave me the imaging unit error)

    ok, it worked after I powered it off and back on again. . . now just not sure if I should remove the new resistor or leave it in??? :)

    ok, it worked after I powered it off again. . . so now I'm not sure if I should take out the new resistor or leave it in. I'm just so excited it printed something! :)

    Hi, am I understanding right that it did not work UNTIL you removed the resistor you had piggybacked on?We got a 47ohm and it didn't work, but it is still in there, so I wonder if I should power off and back on a couple more times, then take it out and try it. ??? They didn't have a 56 ohm, but we are going to try a 67 ohm

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