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  • NathanP56 commented on poohnopster's instructable Cab-over Camper for Pickup2 years ago
    Cab-over Camper for Pickup

    Fantastic! That makes it all so much easier. I don't foresee removing mine either but I am concerned about future mechanical work, body damage,shock replacement, inspections, etc. I'm wondering if most mechanic shops won't have a problem doing what they do with it attached or not. Any thoughts on this?

    How did you end up securing it to the cab of the truck? I've seen the RV tie downs used on ready made campers. Are you using something similar? Nice build. I'll be starting my own in the next couple of weeks. I'm a little worried though about actually securing it to the bed of my truck and I'm looking for any and all suggestions.

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  • NathanP56 commented on aKaMaKaVeLy's instructable The Invisible Face Mask !2 years ago
    The Invisible Face Mask !

    Will this work during the day when the bright sunshine is shining? Anyone?

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