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    Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable

    Was looking at doing this for my driveway. Trick is to place a blue tarp, as pictured in the demo above on the driveway, weights with bricks on the edges. Then you place an oilskin tarp on top. It will freeze up but allow you to fold the edges up against the side of the house. In the morning, before the lows come by, you simple attach the ropes through the grommets (or do this before hand) to the rear bumper of your Jeep (if you have a Jeep). While the car is warming up, you attach bunnies between the side grommets to form walls (oil-skin tarps are great for this), then simply drive down the road and allow the snow to slowly trickle out, or in a hurry, once the tarp is on the street, simply reverse over the tarp, backing into a clean drive. Does not eliminate the requirements for shovelling, but at least puts it all together in a nice neat roll.

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